The apartments at Batorego 3/5 are located in a quiet part of Bytom, 600m away from the Railway Station and 500m from the historical Bytom City Centre.

They are located in a modernistic tenement house built in 1910, currently listed in the Registry of Landmarked Buildings of the City of Bytom. The tenement house is going to be renovated next year with a required refurbishment of the elevation and staircase.

The dwelling with a typical German design from the period of the First World War and an area of 150sqm has been divided into three apartments. One of them is located on the street side and features two rooms, once representative, rooms with a view of the granite-paved, acacia-lined street.

The other two apartments in the backside (backyard side) laid out in a design typical of the German residential development form the beginning of the 20th century with a 20-metre-long corridor leading to rooms, once intended for the servants, the kitchen and two bedrooms divided by a bathroom for the owners. Currently, this side of the dwelling was turned into two modern bedrooms with a spacious common room (kitchen and dining room). One of the bedrooms, marked “B”, has the area of 15.73sqm and a bathroom, while the other, “C”, an area of 22.60sqm, a large balcony and a bathroom. Both bedrooms are suited for two persons.